Looking for the perfect Portland gift idea for that perfect Portlander?

Whether you want fun or weird Portland gift ideas, here’s a list for you. The following local gifts range from handmade holiday presents to corporate Portland gifts. Shopping on a budget?

There are lots of cheap Portland Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, including gifts for kids, foodies, music lovers, and cyclists. Whether shopping for your husband, your wife, or your friends and family, you’ll find creative and local ideas below.

And if you have a Portland gift idea you’d like added to this list, just let me know!

Bee Local/Jacobsen Co. Honey

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Jacobsen Co. makes healthy, sustainable honeys featuring pollen sourced from Portland neighborhoods. Its honeys are used by Portland’s top chefs, too. Give the sweet flavors of summertime flowers in the dead of winter.

Smith Teamaker

Portland’s gourmet teamaker, Smith Teamaker produces delicious teas using non-GMO ingredients, and it even teams up with local chefs to produce limited-edition teas. From Lord Bergamot Black Tea scented with bergamot from Reggio Calabria, Italy, to Big Hibiscus bolstered with Indian sarsaparilla, ginger, pink rose petals, and elderflowers, these teas pack more than your average punch.

Powell’s Books

Nuff said. No? Oh. Powell’s is the best new and used bookstore on earth because it sells new and used copies of the same book together on the shelf. Call in advance and they’ll make sure they have the book and put it on hold for you. Other good gift ideas are Powell’s t-shirts and gift cards.

The Float Shoppe

Enter the world of therapeutic sense deprivation in the form of floating, at this respected shop in Northwest. It has four float tanks, each filled with water with enough Epsom salts to let you float effortlessly. Then the lights go out, and the world gets put on pause.

Mt. Hood Skibowl

Give the gift of an entire winter of skiing on Mt. Hood. Season and night passes let you ski at Skibowl, with black diamonds galore and 65 runs total. Or give the Fusion Pass, which lets you ski at Skibowl and comes with three passes to other ski resorts that are members of the Powder Alliance.


Specializing in fresh products, such as cheese and pasta, and house-cured meats, this is Portland’s premier shop for rare gourmet food items from Italy and other Mediterranean countries. The wine selection is just awesome. You’ll pay a little extra, but you’ll get a little extra, too! Note it relocated inside Providore Fine Foods, owned by Pastaworks, in 2016.

Clear Creek Distillery

Oregon’s delicious fruits become some of Oregon’s best brandies. The Pear Eau de Vie is the most famous, but you’ll get to choose which brandy you like most after the complimentary tasting (it includes five tastes). The single-malt whiskey sells out fast, which is a good reason to go shopping early.

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts

Oregon is the largest producer of hazelnuts in the US, and Freddy Guys is a family-run farm selling fresh hazelnuts in many forms, from raw to mint-covered. Hazelnut oil is a unique gift for your foodie friends (it’s great on salads). Find Freddy Guys at Portland Farmers Markets and specialty food shops. I gave these to my family and they disappeared fast.

Belmont Station

With more than 1200 beers, this is the best place in Portland to shop for that beer connoisseur on your list. Rare beers, specialty beers, and imported beers share the shelves with hop-scented air fresheners and a huge selection of glasses and mugs. The in-store bar gives you the option of tasting a few brews before making any decisions.

With Love, From PDX

Let this Portland-based gifting company do all the heavy lifting for you this holiday season. Just select or build your own custom gift filled with high-quality, locally-made goods and products. There’s also gifting services for corporations, events, and special occasions.

Sunkiss Color Changing Drinkware

This Pacific Northwest-based company creates coffee mugs and pint glasses that change color when hot or cold. Designs include iconic Oregon landscapes, the Seattle skyline, UO and OSU sports logos, and more.

House of Vintage

There are lots of great vintage stores in Portland, but this one especially rocks for having a maze of rooms to peruse and for changing its inventory regularly. The clothes are all right, but it really excels in oddities, such as vintage magazines, glassware, furniture, and fun things that you never even knew existed.

Finnegan’s Toys

The Northwest’s largest independent toy store is locally owned, selling classic toys as well as toys that are really out of the ordinary. Most toys are geared toward learning. Nothing chintzy allowed: the toys are fine-crafted. A great place for stocking stuffers and gag gifts for kids of all ages, too.

Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique

This place really renovated my concept of thrift store. Only offering the highest-quality vintage clothing for women—from classic suits to one-of-a-kind dresses—this boutique can help you find that very special item for that very special someone.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

This tried-and-true, locally owned chocolatier offers the quality and selection associated with Godiva, and its chocolates are balanced and silky. You can personalize your gift by handpicking each chocolate. The whimsical designs include ladybugs, Labradors, pyramids, and more.


Purchase gift cards to many Portland-area restaurants at Restaurant.com and receive discounts. From pub fare to NW fine dining, the selection of local restaurants is expansive. Not a bad way to give a lot while saving money.

Sellwood Cycle Repair

More than just a repair shop, it has everything bike-related, including apparel, accessories, and vintage bicycle posters.

Oaks Bottom Forge

Ideal for the serious home chef, these handmade knives are equal parts beautiful and practical. They’re made using a charcoal-burning forge with a hammer and anvil.

Presents of Mind

Looking for a gift for a new mom? This shop features trendy, locally made baby clothes, including onesies printed with cute robots. Witty cards, squeak-toy Buddhas, cool flasks, artisan-crafted jewelry, and lots more make this a good place to round out your gifts for, well, pretty much anyone.


Find the perfect gift for that very unique person. The shop sells items crafted by a variety of local artisans. A lot of it is edgy without being overly so: avant-garde jewelry, silk-screened ties and wallets, embroidered bags and belts, bizarrely cool salt and pepper shakers… you get the idea. This is what people are talking about when they say “Keep Portland Weird”!

New Seasons Market

One of the best places to find delicious, locally made gifts, especially cheeses, New Seasons is known both for its great attitude and for its dedication to organic food. That’s a whole lot of yummy! Feel good about buying from a local grocer that donates money to the community. The stores also sell gift cards.

Music Millennium

Lots to choose from, both used and new. From records and 8-tracks to cassettes and CDs, the selection at Music Millennium is massive. Forget MP3s. Get the music lover on your list the real deal, and support a local institution. Too many choices? Gift certificates are also sold.

Made In Oregon

This store features products made by artisans all across Oregon, so you can give your distant friends and family a taste of your state. So much more than souvenirs, you’ll find jewelry, Pendleton blankets, Pinot Noir wines, marionberry jams, pottery, Tillamook cheeses, Oregon apparel, and lots of stocking stuffers. For super-last-minute shoppers, there are several stores in the airport.

Pedal Bike Tours

Is there someone on your list who wants to bike but hasn’t gotten out there yet? Give the gift of discovery. Novice and expert cyclists alike can find something new on these tours, which focus on downtown Portland, historic sites, the Gorge, Oregon breweries, wine country, and more. Custom tours are also available.

F. H. Steinbart Co.

If you’re shopping for a home brewer, surprise them with some of the unique ingredients or equipment sold by Portland’s oldest homebrew supply store. F. H. Steinbart Co. specializes in beer—offering many hops and malts—but also features supplies for making wine, cheese, saké, and Kombucha. Gift certificates are also sold.

Salty’s Seafood Grill

Give the taste of Portland’s scrumptious seafood. Salty’s is famous for its beautiful location overlooking the Columbia River and for its fresh seafood served with homemade sauces. Now it sells its boisterous oyster sauces, cocktail sauces, blackening spices, and more. T-shirts and gift certificates offered, too.

Huber’s Cafe

This classic restaurant—Portland’s oldest—sells classic t-shirts, pint glasses, and hoodies. However, Huber’s famous Spanish Coffee can only be ordered in the restaurant, so you could also grab a gift certificate. If you want one, you’ll have to call or visit. There’s an extra charge if you want it mailed.

Ransom Spirits

Indulge in some of the most highly regarded spirits made in Oregon, including the Henry DuYore’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a true connoisseur’s whiskey. Ransom spirits are made using traditional techniques for flavors that cannot be mass produced.

Voodoo Doughnut

This tasty Portland institution makes clothing as colorful and creative as its doughnuts. The selection is massive and includes t-shirts for the whole family, belt buckles, underwear, and more. A gift certificate is—of course—a sure winner. Who wouldn’t want an excuse to go to Voodoo Doughnut?

Audubon Society of Portland Nature Store

What makes hiking even better? Knowing all about the plants, birds, and animals that comprise the landscape. This tiny shop is jam-packed with books on wildlife and bird watching, which make great gifts for anyone who loves learning about Oregon’s exceptionally diverse environment. Suet and bird feeders are also sold. If you have time, nice trails surround the store.

Sock Dreams

Wow, these socks are unique. The store has types of socks that I didn’t even know existed. Staff will almost certainly answer all your questions, and perhaps even pose a few you wouldn’t have thought of. From brightly monogrammed to cashmere or sheer, these socks make a highly inventive gift for anyone.

Plum Deluxe

Part online shop, part lifestyle blog, Portland-based Plum Deluxe is all about its signature, hand-blended teas and making the most of any moment, big or small. Along with dozens of tea options, you’ll find a community filled with tea-making paraphernalia, recipes, self-care tips and more.

J. Renee Organics

Give the gift of self-care this season. This local skincare company specializes in sensitive skin, using enzymes, antioxidants and plant stem cells to help diminish acne and plump skin. These natural products gently resurface the skin to reveal vibrant beautiful complexions.

Sway Blunts

Inspired by the knowledge that humans have smoked hemp for millennia, Sway is a black-, queer-, woman-owned purveyor of hemp blunts. Its products aim to bring the timeless value of the smoking ritual to the present moment, by honing in on smoking as an experience that grounds and centers us. CBD flower blunts, including hemp paper pre-rolls and specialty thaisitcks, are wrapped in hemp fan leaves, and other unprocessed plant materials, and released on a seasonal basis. Blunts are organic, vegan, tobacco-free and biodegradable. 21+ Only.